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Security Alarm System

Home Automation




Comprehensive Security

Build all-around security and safety system, 24/7 monitoring and live alerts provide you with peace of mind.

Home Automation

Discover the magic of a smart home and fully enjoy a smart life with smart devices automation.

Home Entertainment

Our innovative smart devices in the areas of lighting, video, and audio help users easily embrace a theatre or party atmosphere at home anytime.

Customised Smart Home Solutions

We provide customised smart home design service that integrate all smart elements in your home with one platform (Tuya Smart), equip your home with smart security and alarm system, smart curtains and blinds, smart lighting, etc everything in smart and future proof.

Smart Lightning

One-stop smart lighting solutions, including smart light switches and power points, smart downlights, smart light strip and outdoor solar light. You can now build any lighting scenarios you want.

Smart Curtains and Blinds

We can provide both mains powered and battery-powered or solar-powered motorised curtain and blind for fitting your home with less trouble. With smart option you can schedule your curtains and blinds automatically open and close or ask google and alexa operate it.

Security and Alarm System

The smart security and alarm system keep your home secure and safe. The system contains Outdoor CCTV, indoor cameras (Baby monitor), smart alarm system with PIR Sensors, door sensors, smoke alarm, gas detector etc all controlled in same platform with tuya app.


When you build your new dream house or renovation

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