Tuya Wifi Siren Alarm Detector Sensor Wireless Sound Light Alarm

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Multiple Sound Selection

Powersupply: MiniUSB,5V1A

Backup powersupply:MiniUSB,5V1A

Sound intensity:100dB

Detection temperature:-10°C~80℃

Detection humidity:0%~100%

Wireless Type:2.4GHz


Wireless Range:45m

Operating Temperature:0℃~40℃(32F~104°F)

Operating Humidity:20%~85%



High-decibel sound and light alarm, greater than 85dB


Mobile APP remote alarm reminder


Anti-dismantling design in dedicated security field


With low voltage monitoring prompt function


Wireless transmission signal, easy to install


Regularly send online reports to the gateway


When the detector is triggered, it will immediately send out an audible and visual alarm to deter intruders.


Users can also use APP to realize out-of-home alert, home alert, cancel alert, emergency alarm and other operations to achieve control of the wireless sound and light alarm.


When the siren is used, it needs to be used in conjunction with the gateway, through the APP parameter setting to realize the control of the wireless sound and light alarm.


The communication of the whole system adopts wireless transmission mode, which makes the installation of the product convenient and quick.

Package Included:


1*User manual


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