Tuya Smart WIFI Temperature And Humidity Sensor Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer With LCD Display Support Alexa Google Assistant

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Note before order:

The value between LCD and APP may not as same.Can choose the temperature and humidity report time from 1minutes to 120minutes.The more frequent you choose.the fast the battery will drain..The battery will drain in 2 days if we choose temperature or humidity report time to be 1minutes.can last about 3-4months if we choose 120minutes to update.

2.The temperature sensitivity value is 0.6°C,When the temperature value changes more than ±0.6℃,then the temperature and humidity can identify and synchronize data.

3.The humidity sensitivity value is 6%. When the humidity value changes more than ±6%, the temperature and humidity can identify and synchronize data.

Wi-Fi Temperature & Humidity Sensor

1. Remote Control
You can remotely view temperature humidity via smart phone using the app,tuyasmart or smart life.

2.Choose the time interval to update temperature or humidity.
You can choose 1 min or 120min to update the temperature humidity via the app.the more frequent the update,the faster the battery will drain.

3. Temperature Unit Selection in APP
You can choose ℃ or ℉ as the temperature unit
through app.

4. Third-party Voice Control
Works with amazon alexa, google assistant.

5.Battery Life
Use AAA’ 3pcs,battery are not included.The battery life depends on the time interval as you choose,usually,it can last for several months if we choose 120min to update

Show time and date after connected with internet.

7.Muiltple connection
User can use the app to add our device in smart life app in 3 ways.Bluetooth or wifi or hotspot

Note:User can choose the temperature or humidity report time.such as 1min or 120min.the more frequent the update, the faster the battery will drain.

Product parameter

Size: 60*63*25mm
Input voltage: DC4.5V LR03*3
Quiescent current: ≤30uA
Low power undervoltage: ≤2.7V
WiFi: 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
Working temperature: -10℃~55℃
Working humidity: 10%~90%RH

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